Grandfathering of Support for Dedicated Biomass, Anaerobic Digestion and Energy from Waste

These propsals fall far short of the policy required to secure the huge private investments necessary to deliver the 2020 renewables target.  The Government should guarantee banded Renewables Obligation Certificate rates (which pay up to two certificates per megawatt) to continue for the life of the obligation.

GN07-10 BT Openreach: New Wayleave Payments and Memorandum of Understanding from 2 March 2010

The CLA and the NFU recently completed lengthy negotiations with BT's local access network delivery division, Openreach which will benefit farmers and landowners.  The work has seen the completion of a landmark of a landmark memorandum of understanding which will for the first time give certainty to CLA and NFU members working with Openreach on their land.  The Guidance Note also covers the standard rates of payment recommended to members for BT Openreach apparatus on their land.

Development Management: Proactive Planning from Pre-Application to Delivery - Appendix: Temporary Development

It is currently difficult and often impossible to obtain planning permission for temporary development, at least in rural areas.  This appendix to the CLA response on the new draft Development Management PPS stresses the need for an Annexe to the new PPS to contain new positive and proportionate policy on temporary development.



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