Insuring historic buildings and other heritage assets (England, but also relevant to Wales)

This was a Historic England consultation on draft advice on the insurance of historic buildings, aimed at owners, professionals, and others.  The CLA response welcomes the intention to publish advice (there was a consultation on this in 2008, but no advice was then published), but suggests some changes to make it clearer and more helpful.

Improving Mobile Coverage

 The CLA’s submission to the Ofcom consultation on using the 700MHZ spectrum auction to increase mobile coverage focuses on meeting the objective of universal coverage. It is still very much the case that rural areas lag well behind urban areas in the provision of an effective mobile network. In our response, we call on Ofcom to speed up the auction process and impose conditions on operators that ensures rural areas are covered by an up to date mobile telephony network.

CLA Member briefing: Health & Harmony - the future of food, farming and the environment in a Green Brexit

The UK Government's consultation on future farming policy post-Brexit has been published. This long-anticipated consultation paper is the pre-cursor to promised legislation that is required to manage the transition of the UK’s farming industry out of the EU and the Common Agricultural Policy.

To read the full from the CLA briefing click here.


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