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GN19-18 Heritage - Listed buildings-what listing includes: fixtures, and attached and curtilage structures

This Guidance Note is  designed to be read alongside the CLA Guidance Note Getting heritage and other consents.  It concerns what is and is not included in a listing, i.e. the principal building, objects and fixtures, attached buildings, and curtilage structures.  It also covers the implications of inclusion, and what members can do to persuade local authorities or others that something is, or is not, covered by the listing of a listed building.

Improving Mobile Coverage

 The CLA’s submission to the Ofcom consultation on using the 700MHZ spectrum auction to increase mobile coverage focuses on meeting the objective of universal coverage. It is still very much the case that rural areas lag well behind urban areas in the provision of an effective mobile network. In our response, we call on Ofcom to speed up the auction process and impose conditions on operators that ensures rural areas are covered by an up to date mobile telephony network.


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