CLA47 - Food Safety Management Tools in the Food Chain

Food Safety Management Tools in the Food Chain examines the application of food management controls, such as Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points (HACCP), in ensuring that the product that reaches the consumer is safe and traceable.

The handbook sets out the principles and procedures of HACCP in the food manufacturing process and how HACCP and certification increases the credibility of the food chain with the general public.

To order this handbook:

telephone 020 7460 7969 – please have your membership and credit card numbers to hand;

Bovine TB: Proposal to reduce testing in non-grazing Approved Finishing Units

As part of its intention to target resources more efficiently in its TB programme, Defra is currently considering to introduce a default position of no TB testing in non-grazing Approved Finishing Units.  The CLA has strongly welcomed this move as a way of incentivising further uptake of non-grazed AFUs, and supporting the crucial role they play in maintaining the beef supply chain in endemic TB areas of England.


Assessing the EU's impact on the UK: a review of the balance of competences

The UK Government is in the process of undertaking a cross-departmental review to audit the full extent of the European Union legislation applied in the UK, by examining the balance of competences between the UK and the EU.  The CLA had been asked to consider the role of European legislation in animal health and welfare and food safety.


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