Briefing Note - Government Response to DEFRA Consultation on Implementation of the CAP Reform in England

This note sets out the headline decisions only that have been taken by the Government on how it will implement the CAP reform in England.  Defra has indicated that other decisions will follow early in 2014, and after further consultation with key industry stakeholders.

This is as much as we know, as no further decisions have been made public.

Food Security

The CLA submitted written evidence to the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Select Committee Inquiry into Food Security.  This follows the committee's earlier inquiry in 2009, to which CLA also submitted a response.

Vision for a Bovine Tuberculosis Control and Eradication Strategy

The CLA has put forward its vision for a Control and Eradication Strategy to deal with the scourge of Bovine Tuberculosis. It envisages a comprehensive programme combining enhanced measures to identify and prevent the disease in cattle together with measures for targeting infected wildlife species. In combination with improved information, communication and research we propose a strategy which can be implemented immediately using measures which are known to reduce the incidence of TB.



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