Tuberculosis (TB) animal disease controls for deer and camelids

In March 2014, Defra announced that they would be consulting on changes to the TB regime in England for farmed deer and South American Camelids (SACs).

The consultation gave stakeholders the opportunity to comment on the current TB regime in deer, and what changes, if any, could be made.

The consultation proposes to bring SACs into the wider TB programme by putting in place testing procedures, statutory compensation levels and restrictions on vaccination.

The CLA has opposed the type of compensation values set by Defra for SACs, and will continue to engage in discussion to come to a fairer solution.

Briefing Note AO1-14: CAP update on issues relating to claiming the Basic Payment Scheme from 2015

This note seeks to update members on the current information available with regard to direct payments under the Basic Payment Scheme (BPS) post 2015 in England.  It outlines where we have clarity on certain policies, and where we can expect further decisions to be made over the course of 2014.

GN06-14 New TB Measures on Common Land in England

In January 2014 Defra consulted on a series of TB proposals that fell out of the scope of its draft eradication strategy.  Among these proposals included mandatory pre-movement testing for movements to and from common land within annual testing areas.  After consultation with the industry, Defra stated that it would offer exemptions in certain circumstances, for example where good biosecurity practice or insufficient testing facilities can be provided.  This note sets out options for those cattle owners on common land in annual testing areas.

EU Balance of Competences on Agriculture

The review is about where decisions are made about agricultural policy: should these be at EU or national level.  The scope of the review covers the CAP, plant health and plant reproductive materials, forestry and international trade in agricultural goods.  It seeks evidence on how the European Union's co-decision process does/does not benefit policy making and the appropriate level of Member State discretion in implementing EU regulations.

Briefing Note - Government Response to DEFRA Consultation on Implementation of the CAP Reform in England

This note sets out the headline decisions only that have been taken by the Government on how it will implement the CAP reform in England.  Defra has indicated that other decisions will follow early in 2014, and after further consultation with key industry stakeholders.

This is as much as we know, as no further decisions have been made public.

Food Security

The CLA submitted written evidence to the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Select Committee Inquiry into Food Security.  This follows the committee's earlier inquiry in 2009, to which CLA also submitted a response.


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