Bovine TB in non-bovine farmed animals: call for views

Defra have asked for views about the way the government will test, compensate and control information on non-bovine farmed animals.  It is important to calculate the risk that non-bovines poses to cattle and how improvements can be made to make sure non-bovine TB disease control is supported by the government's 25 years policy to tackle and eradicate TB.  Veterinarian evidence and scientific information is provided to show how non-bovine farmed animals contract and spread TB and what else the government should do to assess the risk and test accordingly.

New basic rules for farmers to take diffuse water pollution from agriculture in England

This consultation covered a number of proposed new basic rules for farmers in England to help tackle diffuse water pollution from agriculture with a focus on phosphates.  The intention is that the new rules will provide a new baseline for industry practice and if introduced would be supported by an advice led approach focussed on outcomes rather than paperwork, and would not be part of cross compliance.

Although most farmers are carrying out this best practice the CLA supports a non statutory approach as opposed to legislation.  Why legislate when the majority are carrying out best practice anyway.

GN43-15 Model Clauses Agriculture (Model Clauses Fixed Equipment) (England) Regulations 2015, SI 950

These new ‘model clauses’ set out the obligations of landlord and tenant to maintain fixed equipment as provided by the landlord under the Agricultural Holdings Act 1986 (AHA) as they will be from the 1st October 2015 in England only.  Some of the provisions of the old regulations were outdated and needed revision so these regulations came out of joint industry discussion and negotiation within the Tenancy Reform Industry Group (TRIG) over 3 years ago followed by wider consultation during 2014.

Changes to Bovine Holding Register Requirements in England

In September, Defra launched a consultation on a proposal for keepers of bovine animals in England to no longer have to include in their holding register details on the identification of the mother (dam) for bovine animals brought on to their holding.  The proposal does not extend to bovine animals born on the holding however.  The CLA is supportive of the proposal, as it is now widely regarded as an additional burden on livestock owners.


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