Clean Air Strategy

The CLA sets out its response to the Government's Clean Air Strategy and the contribution agriculture can make to reducing ammonia emissions.  The response covers the CLA's view on new regulation and the role of a public goods based agricultural support system in meeting air quality targets.

CLA Member briefing: Health & Harmony - the future of food, farming and the environment in a Green Brexit

The UK Government's consultation on future farming policy post-Brexit has been published. This long-anticipated consultation paper is the pre-cursor to promised legislation that is required to manage the transition of the UK’s farming industry out of the EU and the Common Agricultural Policy.

To read the full from the CLA briefing click here.

Drinking Water Regulations 2017

DEFRA has consulted on various changes to the Drinking Water Regulations.  The CLA has responded expressing concerns about the additional costs that could be imposed on the owners of private supplies and has urged firstly that any changes be proportionate to the potential problem and secondly that local authorities are subject to an obligation to keep them to a minimum.

Briefing Note A01-17: Proposed Greening Changes for Basic Payment Scheme 2018 ENGLAND

The European Union has decided to implement a series of “greening simplifications” due to come into effect for the 2018 Basic Payment Scheme (BPS). The CLA lobbied Defra not to support the proposals on the basis that the greening changes would not provide the desired environmental outcomes and the short timescales for implementation and lack of clear guidance would cause problems. However, they will now become part of the BPS requirements. Some aspects of the changes are clear, but the details of others are still be agreed. This briefing note covers the planned changes and how they may impact upon members’ BPS applications for 2018. The CLA is lobbying for official guidance from the Rural Payments Agency (RPA) which is anticipated to be released in September.

The Future of the Advisory Committee on Pesticides

Defra have announced that it is their intention to disband the ACP and replace it with a non-statutory expert scientific committee, providing advice to ministers.  Defra feel that the ACP, formed in 1985, no longer fulfils its original purpose.  At its inception, the bulk of regulation on pesticides was taken at Member State level, however by 2012, regulation is almost entirely passed at a European level.  Defra felt this was the preferred option and the CLA has conditionally welcomed the move.  It agrees that a new committee with a renewed remit is appropriate in light of recommendations made by the Chief Scientific Adviser, and independent reviews within Government


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