Tackling tree disease essential to future of forestry, says CLA

25 May 2018

Improving tree health in the UK by  introducing biosecurity measures to stamp out pests and diseases will ensure long-term protection for our forests, says the CLA.

Environment Secretary Michael Gove has launched the Tree Health Resilience Strategy, which proposes to consult on new quarantine arrangements for high-risk plants in a bid to protect England’s trees from pests and diseases.

The CLA which represents  landowners, farmers and rural businesses has lobbied for many years to ensure the importance of tackling poor tree health is fully recognised by the Government welcomed the move.

CLA Forestry and Woodlands Adviser Mike Seville said: “Forestry is a vital feature in our landscapes. Trees make an essential contribution to the economy and play a critical role in meeting environmental objectives such as enhancing wildlife habitat, carbon sequestration and flood alleviation.

“This is a welcome strategy to ensure the health of our precious forests and woodlands is protected in the long-term. The CLA has worked closely with Defra to help develop the biosecurity policy which recognises the magnitude of the threat that pests and diseases pose to the nation’s trees.

“We can make our treescapes more resilient by working  together to stamp out high-risk plants from the UK, moving quickly to tackle pests and diseases once they are identified and understanding that while there is not always a cure measures can be taken to combat poor tree health.”


Click here to read  the Tree Health Resilience Strategy 2018.