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We have a once in a lifetime opportunity to shape the future of UK farming and rural business. The CLA is leading the way in creating a world-leading food, farming and environmental policy for the UK that supports a productive, competitive sector, delivers food security and enhances the environment.

Help us secure the certainty that farmers, landowners and rural businesses need to create new opportunities outside the European Union. Become a CLA member today and gain the ability to influence decision-makers which will help shape your future.

In these uncertain times, there are many reasons why CLA membership will benefit you.

  • We will fight for your business and fair trade post Brexit
  • We will be a trusted, independent and authoritative voice during a period of insecurity
  • We will give you accurate facts and unbiased advice
  • We will help you achieve your ambitions and future projects
  • We will help your finances work as hard as your land