CLA70 – A Practical Guide to Share Farming

The CLA actively seeks to promote share farming as a farm business structure capable of responding to many of the challenges faced by UK agriculture.

At its most simple, share farming is where two farmers agree to work together to share the farming of some land. They remain independent with one farmer, the owner, providing land, buildings, fixed equipment and machinery and the other farmer, the operator, providing the working machinery and the labour.

The great benefit of this arrangement is the parties bring different resources to the business in terms of assets, experience and abilities and so may be able to create something bigger and better than either could alone, but without being tied together in either a partnership or a tenancy.

The handbook covers:

  • the general principles of the share farming business arrangement;
  • preparation of the share farming agreement. A model agreement is included in the handbook;
  •  housing considerations in relation to the agreement;
  • regulations relating to milk quotas;
  • tax consequences;
  • assessment of the shares with worked examples;
  • financial arrangements on commencement and on termination of the contract.

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