Stop picking on compliant businesses!

09 November 2013

CLA Wales has urged the Welsh Government to scrap the proposed Mandatory Landlord Registration scheme which could form part of the new Housing Bill this autumn and to look carefully at all unnecessary bureaucracy being imposed

"There are too many regulations that suffocate rural businesses in Wales which should instead be encouraged and sufficiently nurtured to grow their business to help boost the rural economy rather than burdened with additional and over complicated bureaucracy," says CLA Wales policy director Sue Evans, who points out that Wales must get out of the habit of 'gold plating' EU regulations.

"We must find a way to simplify regulation to boost business growth," says Ms Evans, adding that regulations for small retailers in particular always seem too heavy handed and disproportionate compared with the larger retailers.

"During the horsemeat scandal we heard from members who operate as small independent retailers being unduly scrutinised by the authorities compared to their larger counterparts."

"Compliant businesses are forever being subjected to increased regulation instead of applying effective enforcement to the minority who do not toe the line."

"After lobbying for a more sensible carbon emissions rate on building regulations we welcomed last week's energy efficiency announcement that the New Build Housing Standards have now been cut from 40 to eight percent. This was an example where higher environmental standards were being requested in Wales which only served to increase building costs making the exercise unviable." 

Mandatory Landlord Registration is an example of adding bureaucracy for the sake of it.

"With powers already in place to tackle housing issues involving landlords and agents of rental properties in Wales such as the Housing Health and Safety Rating System (HHSRS) and Selective Licensing we believe there is no need for compulsory landlord registration or even new enforcement powers," explains Ms Evans.

"As devolution progresses we must develop innovative and flexible systems to stimulate and attract new businesses. We must put regulation in proportion."


Examples of other regulations that have been imposed on the majority to tackle the offending minority are as follows:

  • Private water supply registration.
  • Registration of Septic Tanks. .
  • Agricultural waste exemptions 

In conclusion, CLA Wales is urging the Welsh Government to get more inventive on how to tackle this issue without stifling compliant rural businesses who need all the help they can.