CLA President Comments on Heritage Counts Survey of Listed Building Owners

03 December 2015

Historic England has today published the annual Heritage Counts survey on behalf of the Historic Environment Forum. The survey, which details the attitudes of listed building owners towards the maintenance of heritage property, has shown that 93% of owners see their property as important to local character and  are committed to maintaining their property but more needs to be done on guiding owners through the planning process.

CLA members manage over a third of all heritage property in rural England and Wales. Commenting on the results of the survey, CLA President Ross Murray said: “Owners of listed buildings play a vital role investing in the upkeep of heritage sites, spending millions of pounds each year to ensure that Britain's unique history is both celebrated and properly maintained. In order to sustain this into the future we must encourage owners to find uses for our heritage buildings that make them relevant, valued, and viable.”

“This survey shows that further action is needed, especially a quicker, clearer and simpler process of applying for listed building consent. This is vital to ensuring that owners are able to make the right sympathetic changes needed to sustain these national assets.” 

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