Dark nights herald opportunities for rural crime

13 November 2013

As the clocks go back an hour this weekend, the CLA is again reminding people that October and November are the two months in the year where police receive more reports of burglaries than any other time.

The Association suggests that people in rural areas across the region should review their security arrangements now that darkness is arriving early and with it a greater opportunity for thieves.

CLA Midlands regional director Caroline Bedell said: "Each year we seem to experience an increase in crime in the countryside almost as soon as the clocks go back and I see no reason to suspect that this year will be any different.

"Rural areas can provide rich and often easy pickings. It is made easier for the criminal by the relative isolation of homes and businesses, a maze of county lanes unmonitored by CCTV, lack of street lighting, miles of legal public access close to properties and low visible police presence.

"Simple steps can be taken such as not leaving tools lying around, keys in vehicles and sheds unlocked. Make sure key areas and access routes are well lit.

"Don't wait for it to happen. Have a look around your property now, looking for vulnerable spots and areas in permanent darkness. If you feel you would benefit from further help, contact the Crime Prevention Officer at your local police station, or talk to a specialist security company."