Fair Play: CLA vision for reform of the compulsory purchase system

The CLA has published Fair Play: CLA vision for reform of the compulsory purchase system, a new report calling for reform of the compulsory purchase system.

The current system fails to balance the perceived requirements for infrastructure and the rights of the private landowner.

Inherent unfairness in the current system inevitably leads to conflict and delays increasing the costs both for acquirers and those affected.

Our reform proposals set out an approach which will deliver a better balance between the interests of the parties, reduce conflict and lead to better projects that take into account the impacts on those affected, and mitigate them better.

The CLA believes a reformed compulsory purchase system must include the following key provisions:

  • a duty of care with an enforceable code of practice,
  • fairer compensation provisions with mitigation,
  • a property purchase guarantee scheme to deal effectively with blight, and
  • the duty to take only the minimum amount of land permanently required and return any land that becomes surplus at any time.

Compulsory purchase has a significant impact on people, their lives and their aspirations, which adds a moral urgency on top of the business case for reform.

Watch CLA member John Barnes talk on Youtube about how compulsory purchase for HS2 has affected his home, business and personal life in Staffordshire.

Watch CLA member Peter Raine explain on Youtube how his farm was affected by compulsory purchase after the West Auckland bypass in County Durham was built on his land.

All those who regard property rights as important and care for rural communities under threat should join us in this call for reform.

Read Fair Play: CLA vision for reform of the compulsory purchase system

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