CLA calls for urgent Consultation on HS2 bond scheme

02 December 2013


The CLA says that a consultation on a property bond scheme for the HS2 high speed rail project is urgently needed to help landowners and rural businesses plan for survival.

The Association, which represents many land and property owners as well as businesses, said that uncertainty over HS2 and the resultant public and media debate were causing distress right down the line.

CLA Midlands Rural Surveyor Richard Goodwin said: "A property bond scheme would guarantee the value of properties affected by HS2, and enable decisions to be made in the firm knowledge of a property's value. This would help eliminate the uncertainty faced by our members when it comes to protecting their lives and livelihoods for the future.

"So we are calling on Transport Minister Simon Burns to make good his promise to launch a consultation on such a scheme to get the ball rolling.

"The Minister has promised a fair and generous compensation scheme will be put in place, but landowners on the route have been waiting more than two years for this and are already suffering from blight, so an urgent consultation is critical."

"The more speculation there is about the future of HS2, the more difficult it becomes for rural businesses under the dark shadow of possible compulsory purchase to operate effectively."