Property Compensation 2013: London - West Midlands HS2 Route

This Department for Transport consultation canvassed opinion on additional non statutory compensation measures for Phase1 of HS2.  These measures included Express purchase, long term hardship, sale and rent back, Rural Support Zone, voluntary purchase, property bond scheme, atypical situations.  Whilst the CLA welcomed the broadening of the criteria for compensation and also advancing payment, the CLA were concerned that Express Purchase only applied inside the safeguarded zone and Rural Support Zone only extended a limited distance beyond that - these bands were far too narrow to properly compensate landowners and businesses affected.  The DfT preferred Property Bond Scheme was based on historic index linked property values, which offered little benefit to rural property owners, particularly when compared with the CLA Property Bond Scheme which addresses the needs of householders, agriculture and rural business.  In addition, the CLA also stated that all the options failed properly to address let properties and offered limited assistance to rural businesses.

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