HS2 consultation highlights grossly unfair compulsory purchase system, says CLA

28 October 2013

The CLA is encouraging owners of rural land, property and businesses in the vicinity of the proposed HS2 phase 1 route to study the Draft Environmental Statement published by HS2 this week and respond accordingly to the consultation, which runs until 11 July .

The consultation will allow people to see if wider mitigation measures such as tree planting and noise barriers will affect them, and allow them to flag up the unfairness of having their property taken from them as part of the government-backed scheme.

CLA Rural Adviser Donna Tavernor: "The consultation document refers to fairness in compulsory purchase. Yet, as the detail comes out, it is clear that more people over a wider corridor will be affected than first thought, due to land-take and environment measures further from the actual track.

"This will have a large and immediate impact on farmers and land managers. We are already seeing evidence of property blight and plans that have evolved over generations are being hastily redrawn."

The document contains extensive detail and maps of the environment surrounding HS2 but so far fails to quantify the impact the rail line would have on agriculture and other rural businesses.

Miss Tavernor adds:  "It is important that everyone affected by the route takes a careful look at these new maps and additional detail in the Draft Environment Statement. Those who have their land or property compulsorily purchased are forced to live with the consequences for generations so it important that our voices are heard – it is not just about land and buildings, it's about homes and livelihoods."

The CLA's vision for reform of the compulsory purchase system have been published in a report called Fair Play, which addresses many of the deficiencies in the current system and spells out the practical solutions that the Association has put to ministers and MPs.

The consultation documents can be viewed on www.hs2.org.uk, at selected libraries or by contacting 0300 123 1102

For further information about the CLA's work on compulsory purchase seewww.cla.org.uk or contact the CLA Midlands regional office on 01785 337010