Don’t let HS2 debate distract from pressing issues, says CLA

14 November 2013

Efforts, says the Association, should be concentrated on ensuring a fair deal for those whose property already suffers from blight, and who face an uncertain future, still waiting for firm details of compensation and mitigation measures they might receive.

CLA South East Surveyor Tim Broomhead said: "While the debate about the future of HS2 rumbles on, people's lives and businesses are being affected. These people are contacting us every day, desperate for answers. We must assume that the project will go ahead. The only way businesses can plan for the future and minimise the disruption and devastation is to ensure HS2 is fully aware of the difficulty caused.

The Association, which has been monitoring the scheme since its inception, continues to meet with HS2 Limited and politicians on a regular basis, as well as campaigning for a root and branch reform of the current compulsory purchase system, the failings of which have been highlighted by the HS2 scheme.

HS2 Ltd has met with a number of landowners and farmers affected. However, contact made so far is not total and as a result HS2 Ltd is seeking to meet with those that they have not had meaningful contact. The CLA is able to put those affected owners in touch with HS2 Ltd and is asking them to get in touch.

The CLA is also asking anybody along the proposed route to get in touch with them at their South East office, so the Association can get a true picture of the effects on the ground. Please contact CLA Regional Surveyor Tim Broomhead on 012640313434 or

Mr Broomhead added: "The debate is currently just a distraction. We need to know how Government proposes to deliver a fair deal for our members, and we need to know now."