Watch out for cowboy fly-tippers, householders warned

19 January 2012

The CLA is warning Sheffield householders to be aware of the danger of "cowboy" fly-tippers.

Following news that black bin collections in the city are set to become fortnightly and garden waste collections will be axed altogether, the Association is asking householders to think twice before accepting offers from strangers claiming they can cheaply dispose of waste materials.
CLA North Regional Director Dorothy Fairburn said: "Whenever a local authority cuts its waste collections, rogue traders spot a gap in the market and will approach residents offering to remove their rubbish for cash in hand.
"The reality is that these cowboys often take the waste and dump it on private land rather than dispose of it legally."
According to Miss Fairburn it is often the landowner who has to pick up the bill for properly disposing of the rubbish: "The owners of the land where waste is dumped have to remove it themselves, often at considerable cost," she said.

"If this isn't done quickly, more fly-tipping often takes place and the pile grows. We are asking everyone with waste to dispose of to please do it properly and legally."