Asulam – Bracken control

09 November 2013

The CLA is a member of the Bracken Control Group (BCG), which works with all parts of the bracken control community and the Chemicals Regulation Directorate of the Health and Safety Executive, which is the relevant agency for the UK.

In November 2012, the BCG submitted an application for an Emergency Authorisation that was considered by the Advisory Committee on Pesticides (ACP) on 29 January and later confirmed by Defra.

Asulam, (in Asulox) was banned on 31 December 2011. The new Emergency Authorisation period is for a period of 120-days from 20 May 2013. During this period it will be possible to promote, store, distribute and apply Asulox. There will then be a use-up period that will expire on 31 October 2013. During this period it will be possible to apply, store and transfer Asulox. 

Before the start of the 120-day period, and after the end of the use-up period, it will be illegal to store Asulox. Therefore, well before the end of the use-up period, on 31 October 2013, any stocks of Asulox must be applied to the land, returned to the distributor (prior agreement will be required) or destroyed.