Exmoor - Emerging Local Plan

26 November 2013

The new Exmoor Local Plan (formerly referred to as the Core Strategy and Development Management Policies) will set out Exmoor National Park Authority's spatial vision and over-arching objectives.

The more detailed development management policies will provide additional criteria to guide decisions on planning applications and appeals and the new plan will incorporate broad aims for development and use of land within Exmoor National Park, which take account of environmental, economic and social issues, as well as the wise use of resources.

This Local Plan, once adopted, will supercede all the saved policies of the current adopted Local Plan. 

The new Local Plan will have a shared vision and objectives with the National Park Management Plan (adopted by the Authority in April 2012) - referred to as The Partnership Plan for Exmoor 2012 - 2017 and sets out the measures proposed to achieve the overall vision through directing the resources and  and activities of organisations and people involved with Exmoor. 

The Policy and Community Team have undertaken research and fact-finding to produce a robust evidence base which will underpin the policy approach in the emerging Local Plan. The evidence base includes views from stakeholders and local communities,that have been obtained through a series of engagement events and workshops.

Next Steps

There will be further opportunities for local communities and other parties such as land owners and statutory bodies to participate in the new Local Plan as it develops through to the final adopted plan.

The Policy & Community Team are currently preparing the Draft Local Plan which will be made available for consultation between 4 November and 13 December 2013. Further information will be available shortly.



Consultation on the Draft Local Plan

November - December 2013

Consultation on the Publication Version of the  Local Plan

to be confirmed

Submission of the Local Plan to the Planning Inspectorate

to be confirmed

Examination in Public for the Local Plan

to be confirmed


to be confirmed

If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact the Policy and Community Team:

Policy and Community Team
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Tel: 01398 323 665
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Email: localplan@exmoor-nationalpark.gov.uk