CLA statement on over 95 percent of Sites of Special Scientific Interest (SSSIs) now classed as in favourable or recovering condition

23 October 2013

CLA President William Worsley said: "The increase of more than one million hectares of SSSI's in favourable or recovering condition could not have been achieved without the active management undertaken by farmers and land managers. Without their help some of the most important habitats in the UK would have declined, leading to the loss of some of England's rarest species.

"This achievement is particularly relevant since the financial incentives available to support the conservation management of habitats within SSSIs may fall short of the costs of the work required. While the level of funding available through Higher Level Stewardship (HLS) for land management is set to increase, the grants available to complete capital works will not be increasing which could make it more difficult to restore these important sites in the future."