Yew Clippings Wanted

08 October 2013

If you have a yew hedge then CLA member, Matthew Cooke, is in the market for your clippings

Following an increase in demand for the clippings, which are used as the raw material for the production of anti-cancer drugs, he is looking for new suppliers across the country.

Prices are paid per kg with higher prices for larger quantities. He will collect  from July till the first week in October (unfortunately after this the level of the desired compound decreases as the growth matures). He will purchase yew from all types of properties, and have collected regularly over the last 21 years.

Yew clippings should be one year's growth from regularly clipped hedges or trees. This is because the desired compound is found in highest concentrations in the green, actively growing parts of the plant. It is important that the clippings are kept fresh as the compound breaks down as the clippings deteriorate. He will collect all forms of Taxus baccata including Irish and golden forms and will also collect Taxus x media "Hicksii".

If you are interested in supplying or for more information please contact the office by phone (01302 700220) or email (