CLA57 - A guide to climate change for land managers

Climate change is among the most serious challenges that are affecting the world today, and land managers whose businesses are so dependent on climatic conditions are literally on the front line. To be successful in the future land managers will, almost certainly, have to be aware of the potential impacts of climate change on their businesses and learn how to adapt to them.

We now anticipate crops, livestock and forestry management practices will all be influenced by future changes in temperatures, rainfall and an increase in extreme weather events. How we respond to these changes in order to continue producing food, timber and energy economically will depend on new ways of thinking and the development and use of new technologies.

Change is inevitable, and different new markets will open up because of climate change.

We must not forget that land management currently contributes 7.4 percent of total UK GHG emissions. Like other sectors of the economy, it will have to address its own GHG emissions whilst continuing sustainable production levels.

How do we decipher all the information to prepare ourselves for these changes in climate? This handbook offers land managers a comprehensive guide to this complex issue at a time when climate change is high on the public agenda.

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