Environmental Markets

How can farmers and land managers be motivated to provide landscape, biodiversity and other environmental goods?

The CLA believes that the status quo will not deliver these benefits to society and, as a business-based organisation, wants to explore what might be achieved by creating environmental markets.

The CLA has long been at the forefront of thinking about the complex issues facing rural land businesses and at a CLA seminar, kindly sponsored by Smith & Williamson and CLA Insurance Services, delegates considered CLA’s latest discussion paper “Private Solutions to Public Problems” which explores what might be achieved by creating markets to help provide landscape, biodiversity and other environmental goods.

The seminar, held on Tuesday 12 May 2009, covered areas including:

  • Can we have mechanisms by which farmers, land owners and land managers are paid to provide an environment in similar ways to which they are paid to provide food?
  • Even if we can, will anything change without government?
  • Do we need a new institution, a “Biodiversity Business Partnership” to act as a think tank and adviser to promote the new mechanisms?

CLA professionals are widely engaged in work involving public goods deliverable by land managers under the direction of Professor Emeritus Allan Buckwell. For further information on this initiative please email: allan.buckwell@cla.org.uk

To download the CLA’s "Private Solutions to Public Problems" please click here.

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