Consultation: Severn Barrage

09 November 2013

There appears to be commercial interest in taking the Weston to Cardiff Tidal Barrage generation proposal forward. The Energy and Climate Change Select Committee of the House of Commons has called for evidence prior to examining in the issue.The immediate direct impact will be the blight of any properties or business interests adjacent to the estuary with clear impacts on migratory fish and tide levels within the estuary and further along the coast. However, a significant impact will be between 50 and 100,000 hectares of compensatory wildlife habitat.

The CLA's response to the Select Committee questioned whether, in the light of the disruption caused, this is the most effective way of generating renewable energy and if all other alternatives have been considered.

We have also criticised the lack of evidence currently available on tidal variations and their impact on fishing, agriculture and other business interests, and how they intend to deal with land required to offset the environmental impact of the scheme.

The CLA will continue to question these proposals and would welcome more information from members about the potential impacts on their businesses. Please contact CLA Chief Surveyor or call 020 7460 7945.