CLA welcomes proposals for Feed-in Tariff pre-registration.

21 October 2013

The Association said the proposals in the Department for Energy and Climate Change (DECC) consultation on the FIT scheme would enable the countryside to continue to play a part in the small-scale renewable revolution.

 CLA Deputy President Henry Robinson said: "We are delighted the Government has found the budget to maintain the FIT on a sustainable basis for the future. We have long been calling for pre-registration which allows investors to pre-register, fix and guarantee the tariff before purchasing the apparatus.

"A proposal to develop a small hydro or wind project can take up to two years to achieve planning consent and a further year to complete. Anaerobic digesters can take just as long. Pre-registration would help smooth this process to guarantee a viable project."

Mr Robinson said that DECC's support to maintain FIT levels for anaerobic digestion and hydro projects should be matched for other renewable technologies such as wind which is to be cut from October 2012.

However, he added: "We are pleased to learn DECC will consult CLA members on how the proposals might work in practice to overcome these issues."