CLA ‘extremely disappointed’ by reduction in solar PV support.

21 October 2013

The Association said many of its members had already developed large-scale renewable energy projects which will no longer be eligible for the FIT under the new rules announced on Friday by Energy Minister Greg Barker.



CLA President William Worsley said: "It is extremely disappointing for CLA members who have already invested in large-scale solar PV. A more workable solution from the Government would be to continue to pay the existing rates for solar PV at all scales to those who connect and register for the Feed-in Tariff by April 2012.


"After April, new installations above one megawatt should be offered an enhanced payment of quadruple Renewable Obligation Certificates instead of the FIT. This makes use of the under-spent budget for the Renewables Obligation, without unbalancing the support available under the FIT."


Mr Worsley added: "A positive proposal to come out of the emergency review is the increased support for farm-scale anaerobic digestion (AD) which the CLA has been lobbying for since the tariff was announced in February 2010.


"Farm-based AD will help agriculture drive down its carbon emissions, deliver sustainable energy and other wider benefits to the rural economy. However, the additional penny per kilowatt proposed is not enough to make a significant difference to the numbers of farm-scale plants coming forward".

 * The proposed new tariffs for anaerobic digestion are:

14p/kWh for AD installations with a total installed capacity of up to 250 kW

13p/kWh for AD installations with a total installed capacity of between 250 kW and 500 kW

These compare with the tariffs that would otherwise apply from 1 April of 12.1p/kWh for AD up to 500 kW.