CLA welcomes increased funding for productive woodland management

24 October 2013

The CLA today (29 June) welcomed the Forestry Commission's Woodfuel Implementation Plan to boost the forestry sector with funding to encourage productive woodland management.

The Association worked closely with the Forestry Commission to argue the economic case for woodlands and forestry, securing an agreement from the Government to turn under-spent cash from Natural England's bio-energy crops scheme into funds to help bring undermanaged woodland into production.

CLA President William Worsley said: "The new Woodfuel Woodland Improvement Grant marks a welcome change in the Government's attitude to supporting forestry.

"It is recognition that productive, well-managed woodland delivers optimum environmental benefits and gives woodland a sound economic foundation. The support is the best and cheapest way of securing these benefits and the future of forestry."

Mr Worsley added: "This is a benefit driven by the CLA for our members and I urge them to grasp the opportunity to improve the productivity of their woodland by applying for a grant. It is also worth considering the potential benefits of using woodfuel heating in their own properties."