CLA wins more fishing rights for members

24 October 2013

The CLA in the Midlands said its lobbying secured new guidance on reducing the safety exclusion zone for fishing rights on land previously blighted by electricity apparatus.

The rural watchdog said long and detailed discussions with health and safety advisers from the Energy Networks Association and fishing interests represented on the Angling and Overhead Power Line Working Group had resulted in an agreed approach to open up fishing rights previously constrained by 30-metre safety exclusion zones.

CLA Midlands director Caroline Bedell said: "Many CLA members have their fishing rights restricted by safety exclusion zones preventing anglers from coming into contact with overhead power lines.

"However, this new guidance could permit a reduction to just seven metres between the tip of the rod end the overhead power line. The reduction should only take place where a full risk assessment on the line is undertaken in partnership with the owner of the electricity apparatus."

Mrs Bedell added: "Last year, more than four million people went fishing in the UK. It is an important activity in the countryside, bringing wide benefits to the rural economy and the environment.

"New guidance to open up angling rights on previously blighted land is a small step towards ensuring the health and safety of anglers while allowing fishing to take place on appropriate land."