Just Ask - Background and available literature.

The Food and farming sector is at the frontline of Government’s approach to climate change and the natural environment. The food and farming sector has a very significant environmental footprint. The ‘Just Ask’ campaign is important not only in reconnecting the consumer with British food and farming but is also an important way of reducing the carbon footprint of food consumption both at home and abroad.

The CLA and others in the sector have helped to begin the process of informing the consumer in relation to the food retail sector. We now are focusing on the food service sector which makes up approximately half of the annual domestic consumer spend on food, such as food purchased from a fast food outlet, a canteen, pub or a hotel.

Objectives of Just Ask

The ‘Just Ask' initiative seeks to encourage the British public to question where their food comes from.  The idea is to try and get people to repeat the mantra, ‘Just ask …' where the lamb in this curry was produced; whether the apples in this pie are English and so on.   This involves raising the awareness of not only the public but also those in the food chain, from policy maker to opinion former, as to the origin of the food, wherever and however it is consumed.

The CLA is promoting ‘Just ask…' both nationally and regionally. Well-known chefs help promote the campaign and other industry partners are involved. One particular focus is educating the next generation of consumers and the CLA is actively encouraging its members to open up their farms for educational purposes in partnership with Farming and Countryside Education (FACE).