The CLA Food Chain Initiative and Just Ask.

The CLA’s policy to promote the quality and integrity of regional and local food.

Raising the awareness of consumers, policy makers and retailers to the importance of food to the well-being of the countryside.

Making the link between high standards of production and health, a well-managed environment and successful rural economies.

What are the problems?

  • The retailer dominance of the food supply chain,
  • Ineffective Government action,
  • No clear labelling policy,
  • Protection of British food is confused and short-term,
  • Red tape stifling innovation and expansion,
  • Harmful effects on the environment due to food miles.

Finding the practical solutions

  • The focus must be on promoting regional and local food.
  • Creating an independent ombudsman for the food chain to protect producers and suppliers.
  • Introducing a clearer labelling system in the UK so consumers know what they are buying.
  • Promoting the EU system that protects the quality of regional and local foods.
  • Better advice and support for rural business hampered by red tape.
  • Greater communication between regulator and regulated.

Supporting rural business

  • Putting in place a partnership with regional food groups, the regional public sector and other trade associations.
  • Using new technology to improve efficiencies in the food chain.

CLA Food Chain Initiative – going from strength to strength!

The CLA's Just Ask campaign encourages the public to ask where the food on their plate comes from whenever they eat out. It aims to stimulate consumers to choose locally-produced, seasonal food.

View the Just Ask Campaign page.