RPA video shows how straightforward it is to apply for SPS online

22 October 2013

Members considering applying for SPS online will find this short film useful.

In the video, developed by the RPA, we meet farmer David Jenkins on farm in Somerset. RPA's stakeholder manager Simon Lunniss guides him through the process of applying online.

In it he discovers that the online form is very similar to the traditional paper form, but it guides you through the process, eliminating the most common mistakes as you go. As soon as he submits the form he gets an emailed receipt for instant peace of mind.

More than 42,000 people submitted their Single Payment Scheme (SPS) applications online in 2012.

RPA Customer Services Director Justin Chamberlain said: "We've created the video to encourage more farmers to join their peers and apply for their SPS online this year. It's all about giving people the confidence to try it out and discover the benefits of online applications – 97 percent of those surveyed after using the system in 2012 said that they would recommend it to others.

"Submitting your application online removes the hassle of having to photocopy forms and having to take time out of your day to visit the post office. You also avoid postage costs while the instant online receipt gives you the reassurance that your application has been received by RPA."

CLA Midlands Rural Adviser Donna Tavernor said: "the RPA claim that over 95 percent of farmers who have used the online system would do so again and recommend it to others. Feedback from our members would support this claim. Providing you have adequate broadband, the system is straightforward, and allows corrections to be made, forms to be saved as you go and common errors are automatically flagged up. You can track the progress of your claim and see if there are any outstanding actions required.

"Once you have got to grips with the system, you will find it time saving and reassuring that your application is as accurate as possible."

To view the video, click here