CLA congratulates Farming Minister on progress made at RPA

25 November 2013

The CLA today (22 December) congratulated Farming Minister Jim Paice for turning round the beleaguered Rural Payments Agency (RPA) and making sure that  so many single farm payments have been made ahead of target.

CLA President Harry Cotterell said: "I want to congratulate and thank Mr Paice for delivering on his promise to improve the RPA. I hope the momentum continues so the remaining payments for farmers are made soon.

"It is essential that the RPA introduces the manual payment system as soon as possible to prevent further setbacks to those farmers who already suffered delays to 2010 claims due to entitlement correction.

"The Minister is clearly in the driving seat at the RPA's Oversight Board and we look forward to seeing further changes ensuring the smooth-running of the business. We will watch the Board very closely to make sure progress is being made