Seminar papers

Throughout 2016 the CLA has been holding its Rural Business 2030 programme which concludes with the 2016 Rural Business Conference. As part of this programme the CLA has held a number of seminars, supported by Strutt & Parker, focusing on the connectivity, energy and natural capital.


The connectivity seminar brought together leaders from the broadband and mobile industry to discuss the future of connectivity and the opportunities for investment in it.

CLA commissioned research shows that 24% of rural businesses have made investments in connectivity. However in order to capitalise on the immense opportunities that superfast broadband offers, the Government has to be able create the right conditions and provide the right strategic framework for this investment potential to be realised.

This report brings together the discussion, debate and thinking that took place at the seminar and more widely with industry experts and rural businesses. It puts forward a series of recommendations that, we believe, will ensure universal broadband is delivered and that the digital revolution can promote greater productivity and growth for the rural economy.

Click here or on the icon below to read the Rural Business 2030 supporting paper on connectivity.



Our energy seminar held in September 2016 identified three key areas where attendees felt further investment in energy by rural landowning businesses might be unlocked; energy efficiency, heating and electricity. As such we have focussed our report on these three areas considering the contribution that rural businesses can make to transitioning to a low carbon energy supply in each. This report considers the opportunities for investment by rural businesses and how investment might be unlocked. 

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Natural Capital

The UK’s natural capital underpins our economy and society. It is the foundation upon which rural economies are based and it protects and enhances the lives of all Britons. If our governments are to meet their stated objectives for the environment then investing in natural capital is a necessity. There is a positive case to be made for land managers, business and the state to invest in natural capital assets but at the moment this is poorly understood and difficult to implement. The CLA proposes a mixed model to deliver greater investment.

Click here or on the icon below to read the Rural Business 2030 supporting paper on natural capital.

Natural capital