Private landowners push for more deterrents in fight against fly-tipping

27 November 2018

Private landowners have warned that fines for householders who pass their waste to a rogue ‘man and van’ for disposal are just the ‘tip of the iceberg’ in the fight to deter fly-tippers.


The Government has brought forward the legislation required to introduce new financial penalties of up to £400 for householders who fail to ensure their waste is not fly-tipped by unauthorised waste carriers through a legal Duty of Care.

The CLA which represents landowners, farmers and rural businesses supports the fines but says more resources must go into enforcement to crack down on industrial size fly-tipping which is blighting the countryside.

CLA President Tim Breitmeyer said: “It is easy to blame householders for the significant rise in fly-tipping but we’re seeing more and more waste on an industrial-size scale dumped across the countryside. Part of the problem is council fees putting people off lawful disposal at the local tip but it is also businesses not complying with existing waste disposal regulations. The costs and process of getting a waste transfer licence prevents legal disposal and encourages organised crime.

“Introducing a fixed penalty notice for householders who pass their waste on to unauthorised waste carriers is a welcome deterrent towards reducing this anti-social behaviour but it is just the tip of the iceberg. To really tackle the crime, raising awareness of the risks of being caught and increasing the number of meaningful prosecutions are the right methods that will bring about real change to encourage people to do the right thing and dispose of their rubbish through proper legal channels.

“Without better understanding from the public and the right legal deterrents in place, fly-tipping will continue to increase exponentially and further blight the countryside.”