Strong Foundations report

A 2017 CLA policy report looking at meeting rural housing needs

Housing is one of the most significant challenges currently facing this country. The level of need in rural areas is particularly acute, impacting on businesses and economic growth and community cohesion.

The CLA has long been an advocate for proportionate development to meet the needs of those living and working in the countryside.

This report provides new insight into the diverse role landowners play in the rural housing market, from small landlords with one or two properties to larger traditional estates with large lettings portfolios and dedicated property management teams.

Many CLA members also build new homes in their communities, and are well placed to meet the future housing needs of these communities if given the right support.

The report was published at the inaugural CLA Housing Summit: Strong Foundations that took place on 5 July 2017 at the Cavendish Conference Centre in Westminster, London.

Strong Foundations report

Meeting rural housing needs - a 2017 CLA policy report
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