CLA Photo Competition 2018 Winners

The CLA has seen a tremendous round of entries for our Photo Competition which runs over the course of 2018. With subjects ranging from landscapes to wildlife to people working in the countryside, there have been some outstanding entries over the last year. 

The competition has drawn to a thrilling conclusion with Power Dust by Heather Ross crowned champion. Read more about the winners and what the judges had to say here.

Overall winner

"Power Dust" by Heather Ross, Birmingham

People working in the countryside winner

"John the Tractor Mechanic" by Matthew Thomas, West Sussex

South East England winner

"Two common blues at sundown" by Alison Finch, Kent

East of England winner

"Fields of Gold" by Melissa Riley, Cambridgeshire

North of England winner

"A keeper on Scargill Grouse Moor" by Annie Robinson, North Yorkshire

Wales winner

Untitled by Jac Williams, Denbigshire

Under 18s winner

"Pheasant portrait" by Katy Read, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne


Highly commended entries


(Above: left to right)

  • ‘Untitled’ by Richard Laing, Durham
  • ‘Shoeing a horse' by Jen W
  • ‘Drilled lines’ by Melissa Riley, Cambridge
  • ‘The Blacksmith’ by Stephen Bell, Cheshire
  • ‘Insect sunset’ by Heather Ross, Birmingham
  • ‘Untitled’ by Richard Purvis, Worcestor
  • ‘Branches of lightning’ by Peter Middleton, Lancashire
  • 'Deer at Belton House' by Will Jones, Lincolnshire
  • 'Untitled' by Peter Middleton, Lancashire
  • 'Snow Dog' by Richard Laing, Durham
  • 'Boundary Dispute Otters' by Christopher Ashurts, Dorset
  • 'Pen-Y-Garreg Reservoir' by Christ Collins, Newport

January's winner

"Roe in Frost" by Jean Rolfe from West Sussex

Roe in Frost by Jean Rolfe West Sussex

Honourable mentions

Cheryl Foreman, Kent  Time for a quick text, Peter Middleton, Lancs  Cutting through the dawn mist by Michael McCullough, Wiltshire  APN. A Care-free Moment by Suzanne Godfrey, Lancashire  Sit and reflect, by Kerenza Jelbert, Cornwall  The Bee by Henley Hughes, Leicestershire   A forester after felling a 100 year old oak coup at Wiston, by Matthew Thomas, West Sussex

(Above: left to right)

  • ‘Shires in Kent’ by Cheryl Foreman, Kent
  • ‘Time for a quick text’ by Peter Middleton, Lancashire
  • ‘Cutting through the dawn mist’ by Michael McCullough, Wiltshire
  • ‘A carefree moment’ by Suzanne Godfrey, Lancashire
  • ‘A forester after felling a 100-year-old oak coup at Wiston’ by Matthew Thomas, West Sussex
  • ‘Sit and reflect’ by Kerenza Jelbert, Cornwall
  • ‘The bee’ by Henley Hughes, Leicestershire

December's winner

"Untitled" by Sion Thomas

Honourable mentions

Exmoor mirror image, Maggie Cottrell, Oxon  Autumn Sky Melissa Tabecki  Heather Ross, Birmingham  Remembering the RFA artillery horses, Steve Scott, Warwickshire  Bluetit's Breakfast (Katy Read, Newcastle-upon-Tyne)  Working dog enjoying the autumn colours - Peter Middleton Lancs  The Waiting Game_Alison Davies_Bristol  Sparrowhawk Looking for a Sparrow Breakfast, Caerleon Gwent by David Jones 

(Above: left to right)

  • ‘Exmoor mirror image’ Maggie Cottrell, Oxfordshire
  • ‘A touching Moment with the Race Horses’ by Henley Hughes, Leicestershire
  • ‘Bluetit’s Breakfast’ by Katy Read, Northumberland
  • ‘Autumn Sky’ by Melissa Riley, Cambridgeshire
  • Untitled by Heather Ross, Birmingham
  • ‘Remembering the RFA artillery horses’ Steve Scott, Warwickshire
  • ‘Sparrowhawk looking for a sparrow breakfast’ David Jones, Gwent
  • ‘The waiting game’ Alison Davies, Bristol
  • ‘Working dog enjoying the autumn colours’ Peter Middleton, Lancashire


November's winner

‘Two Common Blues At Sundown’ by Alison Finch, Kent

Two Common Blues At Sundown by Alison Finch, Kent

Honourable mentions

Starlings at Llandegley Rhos, Mid-Wales by Richard Martin, Powys  A touching Moment with the Race Horses by Henley Hughes, Leicestershire  Feeder Confrontation, Katy Read, Northumberland  First Light, Melissa Riley, Cambs  Keeping shod, Jo Ordonez, Powys  Stop taking our picture and give us some food, Peter Middleton, Lancs  Untitled, Karina Jakobsen, Surrey  untitled, Richard Laing, Durham


(Above: left to right)

  • ‘Starlings at Llandegley Rhos’, Richard Martin, Powys
  • ‘A touching Moment with the Race Horses’, Henley Hughes, Leicestershire
  • ‘Feeder Confrontation’ by Katy Read, Northumberland
  • ‘First Light’ by Melissa Riley, Cambridgeshire
  • ‘Keeping shod’ by Jo Ordonez, Powys
  • ‘Stop taking our picture and give us some food’, Peter Middleton, Lancashire
  • 'Untitled' by Karina Jakobsen, Surrey
  • 'Untitled' by Richard Laing, Durham

October's winner

'A man staring down a bull in Kendal' by Kieran Vyas, Leicester

Honourable mentions



(Above: left to right)

  • ‘Insect Sunset’ by Heather Ross, Birmingham
  • ‘Untitled’ by Sara Hickman, Beckley, East Sussex
  • 'First light’ by Melissa Tabecki, Cambridge
  • ‘Hard Times’ by Henley Hughes, Leicester
  • ‘Stubble Sunrise’ by James Hamilton, Warwickshire
  • ‘Light Shining Out of Darkness’ by Hilary Parks, Wales
  • ‘The North York Moors’ by Annie Robinson, Scarborough
  • ‘Untitled’ by Peter Middleton

September's winner

"A keeper on Scargill Grouse Moor" by Annie Robinson

A keeper on Scargill Grouse Moor’

 Honourable mentions

‘Planting a new vineyard’ Matthew Thomas, West Sussex  ‘Barn Owl on the hunt’, John Threlfall, Lancashire  Untitled, Jac Williams, Denbighshire ‘Hungry red’ Olivia kennaway, Devon ‘Almost gone’, Melissa Riley, Cambridgeshire  ‘Juvenile robin’, Katy Read, Newcastle-upon-Tyne   Untitled, Jen W, county TBC

(Above: left to right)

  • ‘Planting a new vineyard’ Matthew Thomas, West Sussex
  • ‘Barn Owl on the hunt’, John Threlfall, Lancashire
  • Untitled, Jac Williams, Denbighshire
  • ‘Hungry red’ Olivia kennaway, Devon
  • ‘Almost gone’, Melissa Riley, Cambridgeshire
  • ‘Juvenile robin’, Katy Read, Newcastle-upon-Tyne
  • Untitled, Jen W

August's winner

"West Pentire Poppies" by Adam Roseveare 

 Honourable mentions 


(Above: left to right)


  • ‘Cai’ Shan Lewis, Carmarthenshire 
  • ‘Early Morning Fishermen on Chew Valley Lake’ Trevor James, Bristol
  • ‘Pheasant Portrait’ Katy Read, Newcastle-upon-Tyne
  • ‘Untitled’, Lucy Hall, Herefordshire
  • ‘Untitled’, William Lane, Norfolk


July's winner

"Power dust" by Heather Ross 

Honourable mentions


(Above: left to right)

  • 'Penned in at Lambing Time', Dr Melissa Alessandra Riley, Cambs 
  • ‘Lamb’, Mark Chrimes,
  • ‘The Stars over the Farm’, Stephen Bell, Cheshire
  • ‘Untitled’, Alexander Wilks, West Sussex
  • ‘Untitled’, Harry Johnson, North Yorks
  • ‘The First Day of Spring’, Michael Barnston, Cheshire                   
  •  ‘Snowdonia’, Anthony Hendon, Tyne & Wear

June's winner

"Deer at Belton House" by Will Jones (View Will's photography on Instagram by following @willljns)

 Honourable mentions


(Above: left to right)

  • 'The Hop Yard' Diane Pinches, Herefordshire
  • 'John the Tractor Mechanic' Matthew Thomas, West Sussex
  • 'Barn Owl' Gregory Clinton, Dorset
  • 'Baffled' by Burt William, Darby, Staffordshire 


May's winner

"The Blacksmith" by Stephen Bell, Cheshire

"The Blacksmith" by Stephen Bell, Cheshire


Honourable mentions

    Northumbrian Skylark   Heading Out   Creating a Buzz   Cocker Spaniel

(Above: left to right)

  • 'Northumbrian Skylark', Katy Read, Newcastle 
  • 'Heading Out', Matthew Thomas, West Sussex 
  • 'Creating a Buzz', Robert Dangerfield, CLA Cymru
  • 'Cocker Spaniels on the Bank of Derwentwater', Alison Davies, Bristol


April's winner

"Newborn lambs during the Beast from the East" by Jac Williams

Jac Williams WINNER (Newborn lambs during the Beast from the East)

Honorable Mentions

   Sunset    Richard Purvis, Worcester    Charles Forbes Adam    Dick Coates

(Above: left to right)

  • 'Sunset sheep' by Peter Middleton from Carnforth 
  • Richard Purvis, Worcester 
  • Charles Forbes Adam, York
  • 'Wet Meadow Walk' by Dick Coates, Monmouth 


March's winner

'Sheep crossing the road' by Alison Davies from Bristol.


Honorable mentions


(Above: left to right)
• 'Winter Sunrise on Skipwith National Nature Reserve' by Helen Pentith, Yorkshire
• 'Head to Head' by Kinga Ston, Cambridgeshire
• 'Attracting the birds’ by Heather Ross, Birmingham
• 'Woodland Robin' by Katy Read, Newcastle Upon Tyne
• 'Dorset Hare' by Chris Ashurst, Dorset 

February's winner

'Kingfishers mating on the River Dart' by Alan Letcher who received a case of 12 bottles from Tanners Wines.


Honorable mentions


(Above: left to right)
• 'Bassenthwaite, the Lake District' by KarolÍna Bartošáková, London
• 'Gamekeeper on the Grouse Moor' by Rose Tabberer, Cornwall
• 'Highland cow at Tapeley Park in Devon’ by Kim John, Gloucestershire
• 'Sunset' by Kez Stanford, Wiltshire