BIMBY Toolkit: Shaping development in rural communities

22 February 2016

CLA Deputy President Tim Breitmeyer attended an event in Norwich earlier today to see first-hand the tangible results the new BIMBY toolkit - an online housing toolkit developed and officially launched today by the Prince’s Foundation for Building Community - where residents have been able to help shape housing development in their area.

By putting the focus on the quality of new homes which integrate with existing developments and enhance the character and beauty of a community, the BIMBY toolkit aims to help local communities work together to create more harmonious developments and simultaneously help ease the rural housing crisis.

CLA President Ross Murray said: “Rural areas are crying out for more homes – in 90 percent of rural areas the average cost of a home is already eight times the average wage and nearly 40,000 fewer homes are being built per year than before the economic downturn. Despite this clear need, there is still resistance to development.

“The CLA welcomes the new BIMBY Housing Toolkit as a way of bringing communities together to find a way to build the homes that are so desperately needed in a way that reflects the unique character of our towns and villages.

“Landowners are at the heart of the housing process and are in a unique position to help sustain local communities, being able to provide the land, raise the finance, bring in architects and get new homes built. Only by delivering homes in a sustainable way can we ensure the long-term future of our countryside and the BIMBY Toolkit will help ensure that new homes are locally respected, welcomed and truly form a beautiful legacy. This may in time encourage greater acceptance of new housing.”

The toolkit is available online at