Hunting reform long overdue says CLA

09 July 2015

The CLA has today welcomed a Defra announcement that has confirmed plans for Government to hold a vote on a number of technical amendments to the Hunting Act.

The current Act allows for the use of only two dogs to flush out foxes and wild animals for shooting in an effort to maintain pest populations. However, if passed, the proposed amendments would allow landowners to use their own judgement to consider using more dogs for this purpose as a part of this exemption.

Defra has commented that the vote, which will take place next Wednesday, will “more closely align legislation in England and Wales with that in Scotland.”

CLA President Henry Robinson said: “The Hunting Act is a bad piece of legislation that doesn’t work as a means of protecting animal welfare or as a set of practical rules for those that hunt to follow.

“Reform is long overdue and we believe that proposals brought forward by Government are a strong step forward. We will be urging MPs to support the legislation when it is debated on Wednesday.” 


Today’s announcement from Defra can be found here: