CLA60 - Broadband in rural areas

Information Technology (IT) is now accepted as being fundamental to the growth and success of businesses, especially in rural areas. Internet access and email have changed the way we work and broadband is regarded by many as a vital component for businesses especially in rural areas. Indeed, for some, broadband is as important as electricity, water and gas - the essential fourth utility.

The internet and the ability to trade and conduct business electronically offer tremendous benefits and opportunities to Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs). The higher speeds, and always-on access offered by broadband services, are having an even greater impact, and small businesses could benefit the most. However, rural areas are adversely affected by having either limited connectivity or none at all compared to urban areas. This clearly has a severely negative impact on business growth.

This handbook sets out the history of broadband and outlines the main technologies that are used. It also explains the workings of the internet and its relationship with broadband. A section is devoted to the Government's policy and strategy in seeking to roll out effective broadband across the UK, as well as detailing other countries' policies on broadband delivery. The handbook also provides a glossary of the main terms used and a number of information websites.

The handbook will be of benefit to those who have little knowledge of the complexities of broadband, those who already have an effective broadband connection but would like to increase efficiency and those who are interested in knowing the detail of government broadband policy.

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