Plan to reward farmers for reducing air pollution welcomed by CLA

14 January 2019

A government plan which clearly sets out the air quality challenges facing farmers and rewards them for tackling air pollution as part of the Clean Air Strategy has been welcomed by the CLA.

The CLA which represents landowners, farmers and rural businesses welcomed the support to help mitigate the impact of air pollution but warned that farms could lose out if tougher regulation is introduced.

Chief Land Use Policy Adviser Susan Twining said: “It is clear that the agricultural industry must play a major role in reducing ammonia emissions and delivering improved air quality. Farmers and land managers are already taking measures but with this government commitment to fund infrastructure and equipment and through the Government’s Environmental Land Management Scheme (ELMS), they can make an even greater contribution.

“We called for support for farm businesses to invest in new infrastructure and equipment which is needed to deliver sustained improvements to air pollution. Funding for new technology and research will pave the way for more sustainable production systems and the advice offered by the Government in line with the rewards through ELMS will help farmers adapt and invest in the changes needed.

“However, while the extra funding is welcome, it is vital to ensure that any future regulation will enable farm businesses to remain economically viable, and we will work with government to ensure that the recommendation and timescales are acceptable.”

The Strategy also includes plans to introduce new legislation prohibiting the sale of the most polluting fuels used as a heat source such as coal and wood on open fires and stoves.  Mrs Twining said any restrictions should be sympathetic to the needs of rural communities where residents and businesses are off-grid and have a limited choice of fuels available.

The Clean Air Strategy is for England only with Wales planning to consult on and publish a strategy later this year. The CLA will engage with the consultation and work with Welsh Government to ensure farmers in Wales are equally rewarded for their work to tackle air pollution.


Click here to read the Clean Air Strategy in full.