The energy efficiency 'Green Deal' and older properties

The Green Deal is a Government scheme to encourage energy efficiency measures in existing buildings by enabling owners to fit them free of charge and repay the costs through subsequent electricity bills. It is due to commence in autumn 2012. A key part of this is the 'Golden Rule', that the increase in bills should be less than the savings from the energy efficiency measures, which ought - provided it is not fudged, and other safeguards are followed through - in principle to make the scheme a 'win-win' for most building owners. However, lobbying by the CLA and others has pointed out that the Green Deal potentially threatens works to traditional and heritage buildings which will damage their physical integrity, or heritage significance, or both, in ways not justified by carbon impact benefits. The Government has now acknowledged this and is consulting stakeholders. This CLA paper explains how the Green Deal could threaten these buildings, and what needs to be done to ensure that the scheme works.

See also further CLA lobbying on the wider buildings and carbon issues at: Seeking your views on how to improve the energy performance of buildings regime.

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