Business Confidence in Rural Tourism 2005

The Rural Tourism Confidence Index (RTCI) for 2005 shows that 90% of respondents are optimistic about the short to medium term future for the industry. The RTCI polled a range of CLA members and asked them their views on the state of the industry.

The headline results are:

  • Some 30% were now heavily involved in using new technology (internet and mobile) as a marketing and information resource;
  • 67% of businesses were constrained by either planning regulations (28%), red tape (22%) or lack of capital investment (17%)
  • 50% gained the greatest assistance from either being a member of the Regional Tourist Board (30%) or through the use of their own promotional material (20%). However, little use continues to be made of available local government resource;
  • More needs to be done to help rural tourism operators to benefit from the advantages of new technology. This includes the provision of broadband connectivity. There is clear evidence that greater training provision in ICT would be a major asset to operators, this requiring a greater input from regional and local government.

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