New Opportunities: Get Involved

Help us secure the certainty that farmers, landowners and rural businesses need to create new opportunities outside the European Union.

The CLA is currently in the process of engaging with Ministers, officials and MPs to ensure that farming, the rural economy and the environment are treated as priorities by Government as the UK prepares for Brexit. 

As part of our New Opportunities campaign, we are producing a series of briefings which outline the tools and support that our rural communities need to create new opportunities in the future outside the European Union.

Find out more about the briefings by visiting or click on the icons below to read each briefing.

Direct Support



Labour Market


As part of the campaign we are asking MPs for a commitment to:

  • Delivering a fully-funded world-leading Food, Farming and Environment Policy
  • Prioritising agriculture and food exports in Brexit and trade negotiations
  • Ensuring the UK has world-leading business-friendly regulations that protect consumers and the environment
  • Ensuring businesses across the rural economy have access to the workers they need to grow their business

See who is backing the CLA's New Opportunities campaign

How can I get involved?

You can help us to secure these priorities by also engaging with your local MP or AM directly to ask them to commit to these asks.

Your involvement will help to provide MPs with real life examples and insight into how how Government proposals will affect the rural economy. Your engagement in the campaign will help to ensure that the interests of the rural economy remain high on the political agenda.

How can I engage my MP?

If you do not already know who your local MP is, click here to find out.

The best way to engage your MP is to write to them, email them or attend one of their advice surgeries so that they can hear your concerns first hand.

Writing to your MP

A letter to your MP is often be the most effective channel of communication. Most often you will receive a prompt response which will explain what action your MP has taken to represent your concerns in Parliament and to Government.

The best kind of letter is one written in your own words from your own perspective. However if you don’t have the time to write, or you need inspiration, the CLA has drafted a template letter which you can adapt or just sign and send that outlines the commitments that we are asking for. Click here to download the draft letter.

See them in person

MPs hold regular advice surgeries in their constituencies which you can attend to discuss these issues and find out what they are doing to prioritise the rural economy face-to-face.

The way MPs hold advice surgeries in their constituencies differ from one to the next. You can find out when and where your MP is holding an advice surgery by contacting their constituency office or checking on their website. Be sure to take along a copy of a CLA New Opportunities briefing.