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The CLA is your voice in to Government. We influence Government policy at local, national and European level by arguing our members' case from a strong base of evidence, informing key decision-makers and opinion-formers of our members' needs. CLA experts represent the interests of members at all stages in policy development and legislative process and regularly succeed in effecting significant change.

In this section find a searchable collection of CLA policy and lobbying documents, including consultation responses, briefings, letters to MPs and policy reports.

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  • Snares and traps
    28 November 2003

    The CLA's response to the DEFRA consultation on the use of snares and traps is available here

  • Trading water rights
    07 November 2003

    The CLA response presents views on water trading from a landowner/manager perspective, highlighting landowner/tenant issues and the potential for the movement of...

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