Fight for fair HS2 compensation continues following Court of Appeal Judgement.

06 November 2013

The CLA vowed to continue its fight for fair compensation over HS2 after today's Appeal Court judgment rejected all legal challenges to HS2.

The Association said now the scheme is all but inevitable, we are determined that Simon Burns' comment on making HS2 the 'very best it can be' includes compensation and mitigation.

CLA President Harry Cotterell said: "We will continue the vitally important work of highlighting the statutory unfairness to property owners in the existing Compensation Code and will maintain pressure for fairer compensation and mitigation for those affected.

"We will petition parliament on these issues to fight for a fairer system for private property owners who are dispossessed by HS2 and other schemes. "We will also be pressing Government for a Property Bond Scheme to deal with the scourge of blight."

The Property Bond Scheme needs to start as soon as possible to acknowledge that for many, the impacts of the scheme are most greatly feared as soon as it is first announced.

Mr Cotterell added: "For agriculture and other rural businesses, the Property Bond Sceme would also deliver early compensation providing some certainty to allow for future re-investment"