CLA calls on MPs to push for clarity over fracking liability

25 November 2014

The CLA has called on MPs to urge the Government to provide private landowners with clarity over fracking concerns during a debate in Parliament on the subject today (25 November).

The organisation which represents landowners, farmers, and rural businesses said landowners must be protected from liability claims over surrounding damage to the environment caused by the process.

CLA President Henry Robinson said: “We have successfully lobbied the Government to change the law on the issue of liability in relation to third parties. We now need the Government to ensure landowners are fully aware of their rights when it comes to environmental damage.

“We have consistently argued that the shale gas industry would be better served by incentivising landowners to engage with development – an approach which has worked well in the US, allowing the industry to reach commercial production more quickly.”

Mr Robinson will meet Energy Minister Matt Hancock on Thursday to discuss shale gas and fracking.

Mr Robinson said: “We will take the opportunity to urge the Energy Minister to work with us so we can ensure that landowners are aware of their rights when it comes to shale gas extraction.”