Rural businesses encouraged to register waste exemptions online this summer

26 May 2016

The Environment Agency (EA) is encouraging farmers and other businesses owners to go online to register waste exemptions this summer.

Most farmers registered for a three-year exemption after new rules came into effect in 2013 and the EA is now expecting a wave of waste exemptions to be submitted before October as the current ones expire and need to be re-registered.

As many as 70,000 farmers are expected to submit up to 500,000 agricultural waste exemptions and the digital service has been designed to make online registration quicker, easier and more efficient.

So far nearly 10,000 exemptions have been registered since the service was launched in March.

The EA says that farms and other businesses which handle small quantities of waste or low-risk wastes may be able to save money by registering for a free exemption if they meet the limits and conditions rather than paying an annual fee for an environmental permit.

Nicky Cunningham, deputy director of site-based regulation at the EA, said: “As we get ready to receive thousands of waste exemption registrations this summer, we are recommending farmers, landowners and businesses submit online using our improved easy-to-use service. We’ve gathered feedback from those registering exemptions to ensure the process is now simpler and more intuitive than ever before.”

To access the new system click here.