Emergency ‘bridging’ payments to be made to farmers

19 April 2016

The Rural Payments Agency has announced that farmers who have not been paid their basic payment will receive a ‘bridging payment’ of at least 50% of their basic payment by the end of April.

This announcement has been made by Mark Grimshaw, chief executive of the Rural Payments Agency. He said that 90% of claims that were originally expected to be paid in January 2016 will be paid by the end of April. The remaining 10%, which amounts to an estimated 8,000 claimants, will receive the emergency payment.

CLA President Ross Murray said: “Many of the farmers that have still not been paid for work they carried out as long ago as autumn 2014, are in a desperate situation. Given how late this has become, if they can’t be paid in full it is right they receive a bridging payment.

“We are disappointed that yet again emergency measures have become necessary. In due course there will need to be yet another review into how this situation has come to arise. We advised the RPA leadership to consider a part payment process for complex claims in the autumn of 2015 and it is important to understand why any action was not taken sooner. In the meantime we remain absolutely focused on working with the RPA leadership and the Secretary of State to ensure they are finding solutions to these mounting problems.”